We all have watched Spider-Man: Homecoming and just loved it’s every bit. And if all of you have watched it carefully and I am sure that you have, then that Iron-Spider costume (armored one) scene would still be there in everyone’s mind, right? But we did see that despite getting an offer straight from the Iron Man (Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr.) himself, our Peter Parker (Tom Holland) refuses to take it!

Now, what has come as a surprise for all the fans out there is that, the actual purpose of that Iron/ armored suit for Spider-Man may turn out to be much bigger.

As per the reports, the suit may be seen in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War!

Recently, the Visual Effects studio, Trixter posted an image on Instagram that had the caption as following, “was actually designed for one of the next instalments of the MCU”.

If all goes well, and as it does seems to happen now, then the Marvel fans would be elated at seeing their ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’ in an upgraded suit!