In today’s world the stress among youngsters face is enormous, and this affects their health. Stress can also leading to cardiovascular diseases. Unlike other risk factors that affect the heart, the link between the stress and the heart disease was still a mystery. Researchers have now successfully deciphered the affects of stress on the health of heart.

The team from Massachusetts General Hospital, Weil Cornell Medical College, Icahn School of Medicine and Tufts University conducted this research with no specific funding.

Amygdala of the brain which performs primary role in emotional control.
Image Source: Huffington post.

According to the paper published in The Lancet, ’emotional stress is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.’ The researchers imaged the ‘amygdala’, a brain region involved in stress, to determine whether its resting metabolic activity predicts the risk of subsequent cardiovascular events. ‘Amygdala’ performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision making and emotional reactions. It has always known to affect neuropsychological activities.

The study conducted on people aged 30 or above, with no history of CVD helped the researchers find the link. They found that the amygdalar activity leads to bone-marrow activity hence to the arterial inflammation.

Although the findings has already created ripples in the ‘health-conscious’ society, researchers find the proof not much appealing. They find that a complete study on these chain of events can even more clearly explain the cause and effect. In their argument, due to the lack of funds, it is very difficult for them to proceed further.

Meditation can possibly reduce the stress.
Image Source: Huffington post

The researchers also suggest that meditation, stress-relief activities and routine exercises control the amygdalar activity, thereby reducing the possibility of cardiovascular diseases. As the youngsters fall prey to the stress, they find themselves suffering from several diseases associated with heart and brain. With this findings, throwing light upon the link between the stress and heart diseases, its high time they practice stress relief activities for a healthy heart and a healthy happy life.