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With just five more matches to salvage some pride, Tamil Thalaivas needed to put some winning points in the board. Indeed, today they put up a better show and commendable effort than yesterday. The final scoreline still ended 33-37 in a loss again eluding them a home win.

Maruthu – The Stout Stalker

The man who impressed today silently was Maruthu throwing Nitin Tomar often in tackles. He throwed Tomar simply using his body weight out of the wide line thrice. A stout man possessing such a strong skill is a big positive for the home team. Nitin eventhough scoring 12 raids out of 22 found it really difficult to handle Maruthu and visibly upset.

Maruthu Pushing Tomar
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Maruthu could be the answer to Thalaivas desperate want of a good defender to tackle smart raiders.

What Went Wrong for Thalaivas – Today?

Taking such an aggressive start in 1st half, Prapanjan started with a bonus point. For the first few minutes, all went good and the slide began when Tomar broke Thalaivas momentum. Except for Maruthu, Thalaivas defence was once again found wanting. So many weak links cannot be hidden with one man Maruthu despite his valiant attempts. At 12-12, the tackle was so bad and mindless, Ajay was furious and literally screamed from the bench. Errors cost them dearly, even having all out once and there they lost momentum completely trailing by 15-20 at 1st half end.

In 2nd half, it did not begin well either when Vineet raided and lost balance by giving a point. Surprisingly, our ace raider/skipper Ajay got tackled for the first time. Seeing this, the moral of the team went from bad to worse in the first few minutes of the final session. Prapanjan, once again after yesterday, showed the opponents that he is not here to make up the number for Thalaivas. He brought back the momentum and the score become closer 17-24 with Maruthu throwing Tomar again. The momentum shifted back and forth. Ajay made the game ever so close wasting no time in every raid he went and scoring 14 points in all. He pushed as much as he can still ending up in a defeat once again 33-37 at final whistle.

Rishank – The Game Changer

Rishank Eludes Thalaivas
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U.P. Yoddha was never in trouble except for the first few and last few minutes of the entire match. The man who scored the most points Nitin Tomar definitely deserves a big applause. The circuit breaker or the game changer for Yoddhas was Rishank Devadiga. His impact in the match was so impressive both during his extraordinary raids and efficient tackles. He scored point against the ace player Ajay Thakur both while raiding and defending which is huge. Ajay is a very swift mover and one of the best in the league, to defeat him is no mean feat. He had such a impact in both the halves kicking Ajay and Dong Lee who are the swiftest Thalaivas. He is definitely a player to watch for the future.

Thalaivas Future – Defended?

Ajay, the man, did everything he could along with Maruthu and Prapanjan today. He was so furious at times seeing how breached the defense of Thalaivas. Where are the defenders he might be seeking all alone in the long defeating night?