Cate Blanchett as Hela, the Goddess of Death, in Thor: Ragnarok

Everyone is going Ragnarok at the moment-its in the air! The third part in the Thor series has now made Indian audiences its big fans too! And the proof of that is the business of the movie in its first four days of release. Thor: Ragnarok has now grossed Rs.31.76 crore in India, from Friday to Tuesday. That’s a real surprise considering the fact that there’s already a big Bollywood suspense thriller, Ittefaq, starring Sonakshi Sinha and Siddharth Malhotra, playing in the theatres right now.

Ittefaq was also released alongside Thor: Ragnarok, last Friday, but strangely, the Indian movie is performing contrary to what it shoud have  been doing. The Bollywood suspense thriller has just grossed around Rs.21 crore in five days of its run, so far!

This shows the ‘Ragnarok’ impact which is heavily swaying the youths towards the theatres for watching a fun-filled action-comedy superhero flick. And Indians are Marvel fans too-not to mention.

Chris Hemsworth, as Thor, in a still from the film

This is how the Ragnarok movie has performed till now, during its Indian box-office run, as per trade analyst, Taran Adarsh’s report:

Friday-7.77 cr

Saturday-9.43 cr

Sunday-10.46 cr

Monday-4.10 cr

It rarely happens that during the release of a big Bollywood film, a Hollywood film gets such great response. But its happening and it may seem certain now that this time, Thor: Ragnarok may turn out to be one of those Hollywood movies, to go beyond the mark of Rs.100 crore!


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