All the Mission Impossible franchise fans Tom Cruise lovers, here is the good news. The actor has now probably recovered from his injury he got during the shoot of a stunt for the next installment, MI:6, earlier this summer. He had to remain away from the shoot for about 9 long weeks. But now, he is all set to gear up for the remaining schedule for the film.

And the actor was able to recover earlier than the planned schedule! He is passionate when it comes to his roles and doing stunts-perfectly-giving a full hundred percent to what he does.

Recently, during a media interaction, one of the film’s leads with Cruise, actress Rebecca Ferguson revealed about the current condition of the actor and said that he was really fast at recovering-being a super-human.

“I think it just started filming and Tom is back on track and jumping around. You know Tom. Tom recovers like no man has ever recovered before. He’s probably laying in bed and producing something and having meetings at the same time. He just doesn’t stop. ‘A broken foot? Sure it hinders you moving from A to B but it doesn’t hinder your creativity’.”

Tom Cruise will reprise his iconic role, as Ethan Hunt in the next installment, MI:6

The actress also hinted about Tom’s special stunt scene and a bit more regarding the film.

“It’s explosive, it’s exciting, there’s a new mission, and we are catching lots of bad guys. And there are incredible stunts in it. Tom might be flying a helicopter or two. And I might be stood around watching him.”

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie and distributed by Paramount Pictures, Mission Impossible 6 is slated for a release on July 27th, 2018.


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