Vijay Literally Dusts off BJP Courtesy: Sri Thenandal Films

The recent events of Tamilnadu BJP leaders like H. Raja, Tamilisai Soundarajan and S. Ve. Sekhar criticizing ‘Mersal’ movie for gaining their own mileage in the state was appalling. They are soft targeting Vijay as H Raja posted ‘Joseph Vijay’. The people’s support and sentiments are with Vijay which proved when the movie just rumored to be entered into the 200 crore club (Gross Box office collections) after Endhiran, Kabali, Vishwaroopam and I as the fifth movie overall in the history of Tamil Cinema.

However are there are at least five logical questions which were unanswered or not clear. They are:

  1. Arjun Zackaraiah played by Hareesh Peradi, who is aligned/teamed with Daniel Arokiaraj played by SJ Suryah, could not even recognize the similarities between Maran (Rs.5 Doctor) at an international award ceremony and Thalapathy (Father Vijay in the flashback). On the other hand, Daniel Arokiaraj recognizes the similarities in the very first instance when he sees.

    Are the faces not familiar Dr. Arjun Zackariah? Courtesy: Hareesh Peradi FB Page
  2. How did one of the Vijay (Maran, the doctor) reach into the hands of Sarala (Maran’s foster mother) from the lorry when he was kept rolled in a sack bag after bleeding heavily?
  3. The doctor Maran who fought with airport officials in the opening scene, did not even try to fight or defend in the scene before the interval block. But he fights all of a sudden, in the end before the movie to save Vetri (The Magician) from the villains?

    The Airport Scene Courtesy: Sri Thenandal Films
  4. The film mentions Maran as finished MD (Doctor of Medicine – First professional graduate degree in medicine) and not completed MS (Master of Surgery), yet he is able to operate on patients on a lot of instances. How is it legally possible?
  5. The level of magic liberties taken in this movie cannot be framed into a box. But the director has taken a wholesome liberty, and to take that big Trishula from a lady handbag and that too in a foreign country. How believable it is?

P.S: Not to forget, the innate and illogical sequences where Samantha (playing Tara) just calls him for interview without even checking his credentials and that too to a TV studio.

Vijay Wins in Real Too Courtesy: Sri Thenandal Films

On a personal note, the film was engaging but there are way too much cinematic liberties taken in the movie.

If the movie did not have a star like Vijay, would have been questioned by the so-called critics and taken for a toss. Thanks to BJP for making Vijay the Indian star.


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