It’s not an easy task to find a man for a strong woman. It’s actually very difficult to handle a strong headed and independent woman. Only a strong-willed and a real man can handle such a woman. They are feisty and outgoing and only a stubborn man can control them.

But girls tend to fall for bad boys and boys are nowhere near a man. So how will you know that whether your significant other is a real and complete man or not? Well, we have listed below a few signs that are a sure shot way to figure out that whether he is the right man or not.

Read ahead and see for yourself.

1. He never gives up on you

No matter how rough and hard your relationship turns, he will never run away from you. In fact, he will be there and will help you sort it out.

2. He won’t run away from you

Even if your relationship falls on rocky grounds he would be there supporting you instead of running to the hills.

3. He will always respect you

He knows that you are important to him and he will always respect you. He would never leave you alone or dejected in front of his parents or family or friends. He would proudly announce you as his queen.

4. He would never cheat on you

He knows it well that no woman will tolerate seeing his man with any other woman and that’s why he would never step on those abandoned grounds.

5. He will admire you in his own way


He will admire you for your beauty and intellect. He knows that you love to hear it from him. He will appreciate you for your work and probably for everything that you do.

6. He will never make you feel terrible

He knows that women can get needy and emotional at times no matter how tough and strong they are. And he would be there for you at times like this.

7. He will easily forgive and forget

He knows it that you will make mistakes and will still forgive you and forget your mistakes.

8. He will do anything to earn your forgiveness

He may do wrong things towards you but he will do anything to make it right and earn your forgiveness.

9. He has his own way of loving you

He will express his love towards you in his own way. It may not be in the form of gifts or surprise dates or even words but merely by actions.

Hope you find a real man for yourself. Till then keep searching. Share and comment below.


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