WhatsApp huge milestone of 200 million monthly active users in India, making it the largest population of WhatsApp users and also one of the most important markets for the company.

The company believes in moving forward with setting priorities and required innovation in the app. With every little innovation from newly updated temporary What’sApp status feature to video/voice calling features, amazing privacy settings, etc. shows the faith of the company in.

With news coming of WhatsApp’s effort in tapping opportunities in commercial messaging is a significant attempt to get first mover advantage in building a product for businesses in India which is unavailable in the country right now.

Especially in a country like India where so many existing users are businesses, but they don’t necessarily have a product that’s built for them.

The work is in the early stage, but the company is putting some reasonable efforts in the process for making the endeavour successful.

The company also has few plans for entering into the digital payment segment of the industry which will be executed in the days to come. But since the work is in the very early stage it gives other companies a breather to bring their innovations in the market.