Vacations are the time when we enjoy our each and every moment of leisure and let our heart enjoy thoroughly. We wait for a vacation so long and when the time finally arrives we decide to visit where we always desire for. After deciding long, we reach the destination but what if we come to know that the country has some weird and strict rules!

Any vacation or trip is incomplete without pictures but what will happen if someone prohibits you to take pictures? And this prohibition is under the country’s laws? You will get shocked for sure. So, it’s better to know about the places where taking pictures are forbidden.

Let’s Know The Countries Where You Can’t Take Pictures:

1. Russia


Taking photographs of Military objects in Russia is strictly prohibited.

2. UAE


Travellers can’t take pictures of government buildings, bridges, and palaces. If you dare to capture then can be awarded 1 to 3 months imprisonment and a $1,361 fine.

3. South Korea


Women without her consent can’t be captured by the camera. It is the punishable offense of 5 years imprisonment and 10 million won.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands


You can’t take pictures near Red Light District which is famous for its brothels and canals. Local people don’t like caught in the camera with sex workers, so don’t try to take pictures.

5. USA


Taking photos are forbidden in the private property.

6. Algeria


In Algeria, no one can take pictures of anyone without their permission. Women can be captured after getting the consent of their respective dependent men. Also, p of bridges, dams, and military objects are prohibited to be taken.

7. North Korea


Visit this country at your own risk. Your every movement and behavior is restricted. You can’t go out and take pictures without your guide.

8. England


No one is forbidden to capture pictures in England but commercial photography needs to take permission. The permission of the Mayor of London is the must.

9. Japan


In Japan, it is prohibited to take pictures of statues and temples as it is believed that their spirits might get annoyed.

 So, before taking your camera out, check the rules!


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