Salman Khan and contestant Zubair Khan

After being at the receiving end on Weekend Ka Vaar, in Big Boss 11, by host Salman Khan, one of the contestants of the show, Zubair Khan was so frustrated that he took pills to calm himself down, but it must have made an opposite impact, due to which he was rushed to the nearest hospital. Salman insulted Zubair very aggressively and without showing any mercy.

Since his entry in the house, earlier this week, Zubair has been continuously picking up fights with fellow contestants and even used foul language for some female contestants, like Bandagi and especially Arshi Khan.

He abused Arshi Khan to limits, and so much that he called her ‘two-rupees aurat’, in one of the episodes. But when the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ arrived on Saturday, Salman, who was very irked at Zubair, bashed him for showing this kind of behavior. Zubair, earlier during the show’s beginning, had told, that he came into this show for his children, so that he could bring them back.

But after his total contrary behavior in the house, Salman even doubted his commitment. He advised Zubair to better mind his language as well as behavior, in future, and asked him to stop faking his identity of being a son-in-law of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter Haseena Parkar. Salman called Zubair, a ‘Nalla Don.’