If you think that you can travel anywhere in this world then think again. You must have heard that there are a few places where no one is allowed to step foot. It may be because of safety reasons or because of secrecy.

But nonetheless, there are a few areas or places in the world where no common man is allowed to visit just like that. But these places are so intriguing and interesting that you would love to go there.

Check out all these restricted places in the world.

1. The Svalbard Seed Vault


It is 120 meters long vault located on the Norwegian Island. This vault has all kind of seeds in case of any global crisis.

2. Secret Archives of the Vatican


You can’t even imagine the secrets of this archive. There are so many books stored in this archive written on alien forms, Satan contacts, and Maya codices. Nobody can access these books except for some of the elite members of the Vatican society.

3. Pine Gap


If you think that there is only one ‘Area 51’ in the world then you are wrong. The Pine Gap in Australia is monitored by the Australian Intelligence agency and the Australian government. It is made with a no-fly zone.

4. HavenCo


It was built on an old anti-aircraft platform near England in the year 2000. In order to work here, you should have a clear track record. It offers the organizations various VPNs, servers, encryption codes, and proxies.

5. Air Force One


No one has ever been inside the Air Force One. No one knows that what is inside this giant aircraft. One needs to be trusted with the President’s security records in order to be allowed inside it.

6. Snake Island


This is an island situated near Brazil. This island is the most feared island. No one wants to visit this place ever because it is the home to many deadliest snakes the world.

7. Coca-Cola Vault


No one is allowed inside this Coca-Cola vault. This vault has the secret recipe of the Coca-Cola, hence nobody is allowed here except for the personnel working here.

8. Fort Knox


This place is protected by 30,000 highly trained soldiers. This is one of the most secure places in the whole United States. It safely keeps all the national treasures.

9. Gold Vault- Bank of England


This gold vault is secured with a bomb-proof door and high-tech voice recognition system. This vault has 5,000 tons of gold inside.

10. Room 39


This was established in 1970 and is commonly known as ‘court of the economy’. Here all the foreign currencies are brought for Kim Jung-Un

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