Life of girls belonging to the middle-class family is not so easy and you will understand this if you are a middle-class girl. Every middle-class girl needs the permission of their mother to try new things out. If you go to ask her for some new thing to be done, she always compares your wish to her wish.

Every middle-class girl has to take permission from parents for every little thing. Although some of the things mentioned below are not big deals for upper-class families but these same things are the milestone for a Desi girl.

1. Convincing mom for waxing is too tough to do


Good girls don’t get waxed. They live with all those bear-like hairs.

2. Staying at friend’s place is like a crime, no middle-class parents allow 


What will my daughter do at the night! Mom’s concern always prevents you to stay at friend’s place.

3. Even thinking of getting a tattoo is out of the question


Tattoo, what’s that? Who gets this? I haven’t seen any girl having a tattoo! Every mother’s typical lines.

4. College trips are not meant for good girl


Every mother thinks, my daughter could drink! might be injured! My daughter is my princess, I can’t allow her.

5. The time for buying first short dress took too many years to come 


The desire for wearing those short dresses take too much time to be fulfilled.

6. Passing out from school is compulsory to get rid of two ponytails


Good girls tie their hair in two ponytails.

7. Girls belong to good families never dye their hair, but what if you want!


If you dye your hair, you will look not a good girl anymore.

8. Getting eyebrows done in school is not for you baby 


There is no need to get eyebrows done in the school. You go to study there.

9. Finally, when middle-class girls buy their own lingerie


What the bhaiyaaji will think of you!

Desi girls fight their moms and go against the wishes of their moms to get these things in their life.


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