Men are not good at expressing themselves. They have their own way of expressing their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Their lack of expression sometimes let us girls think that probably they don’t have any feelings for us.

We get insecure and starts doubting them which is unhealthy for our relationship. And I am sure none of us wants that. But how can we be sure about your boyfriend’s feelings? For that, I have brought some hacks for you all that will help you in knowing the true feelings of your boyfriend.

Have a look.

1. His friends are your friends too

When a boy is in love all his friends and especially his best friend knows about it. So, when you meet his friends for the first time and you feel like they already know about you then it’s a good sign. Also, it’s important that they like you and accept you as their own.

2. He treats you like a kid

Boys like to spoil the love of their life. They will always treat you like a kid. It’s their way of showing care and love.

3. He smiles sweetly after kissing you

If he is really happy with you then he will always have a beautiful and content smile on his face after kissing you. It’s a sign that he likes to kiss you and trust me this means a great deal.

4. He likes to hold your hand

If he truly loves you then he would prefer holding your hand instead of your waist. It’s his way of showing possessiveness.

5. He loves to cook with you

He would also love to cook with you and for you. Cooking may not seem much of a romantic moment but still cooking can be intimate and fun.

6. He sneak love glances at you

He will always sneak glances at you when he thinks you are not looking. That’s because he can’t get enough of your beautiful face.

7. He imitates you

He will always try to imitate your actions, whether it is a cliché titanic pose or just your cute pout face.

8. He always laugh around you

If he laughs a lot when he is around you then it means he loves being with you. He will laugh at everything you say.

9. He mostly kiss your forehead

When in public he would steal quick kisses on your cheeks or your forehead. This shows that he respects you and your virtue along with teasing you.

10. He loves to shop with you

Even if he hates shopping he would never say ‘no’ to you. He would do that just to spend some time with you.

11. He calls you ‘princess’ in front of his friends

He would introduce you to his friends as ‘his princess’. Rather than calling you baby, darling or sweetheart, he would go for ‘princess’.

12. He shares his embarrassing moments

If he loves you then he must have shared some of his stupid and embarrassing moments of his life with you. He would tell you all his embarrassing stories because he knows you will never judge him.

13. He does stupid things with you

He may act all mature in front of other people but when around you, he will act stupid. He will have pillow fights with you, food fights with you, mud fight with you, tickling competition and what not.

14. He prefers long walk with you

Just to prolong the time you spend with each other he would choose a long walk over a fancy dinner anytime. Just so you know long walks are the most romantically intimate moments for couples.

15. He gives you meaningful gifts

It’s fine if he hasn’t gifted you a diamond but if he gives you roses or chocolates or your favorite books then that means he really loves you. Don’t ever lose him.

16. You have already met his mother

If he loves you then he must have imagined a future with you. And if that’s the case then he will surely ask you to meet his mother. A boy is closest to his mother and if you have already met his mother or about to meet her then that’s a sign towards a happy future together.

17. He asks you to eat more

He would never ask you to diet or lose weight. Your weight wouldn’t bother him. He would, in fact, ask you to eat more and more.

18. He gives you a lot of hugs

He loves to hug you from behind, while sleeping, cooking or standing. He will also watch you are sleep. It isn’t creepy but romantic.

19. He shows his claim on you

Wondering, how? It’s simple. If he holds you by your waist all of sudden then it means he is showing everyone that you are his girl. It can probably be a sign for a secret someone who has a secret crush on you and he knows him.

20. He plans surprise dates for you

He would plan something romantic and intimate for you. Not something too fancy or lavish yet beautiful.

Seems like boys are like open books, aren’t they? So, if somethings like these have happened to you then it means he loves you a lot, probably more than you love him.

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