Brie Larson during the shoot of Captain Marvel, earlier this year. Image Source:

Next year’s first MCU female superhero film, Captain Marvel, will also mark the rise of the first superhero film to be scored by a female composer also! Yes, you heard that right. Pina Toprak, a music composer, from Istanbul, Turkey had moved to the U.S. when she was a teenager. Later, she studied in Boston’s famous Birklee College of Music and then worked at Hans Zimmer’s studio also.

Just a day ago it has been announced that Toprak has been hired for Brie Larson starrer, Captain Marvel.

Before being hired for Marvel Studios-the big opportunity now for her-Toprak had also scored the first season of DC’s TV series, Krypton. She had also additionally provided music for last year’s DCEU movie, Justice League.

But as a full-fledged movie scorer, Captain Marvel will be the biggest and first chance for her.

And seeing the recent success of female directors, actors and filmmakers, from last year’s Patty Jenkins movie Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and other ones too, it will be great to see a new face, and that too of a woman, in the field of background score too.

Captain Marvel, being directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, will be released in March 2019 and will be a crucial link to Avengers 4 film.


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