Lightning from Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy gaming series has been a popular one among its avid followers and gamers. But still, it has gone through some ups and downs, in between, when the various installments in the franchise didn’t quite leave a lasting impression. And it needed a refreshment at that moment, which it did get, in the face of Lightning-the famous female warrior in the Final Fantasy games.

But she got her own fully developed game and a story to give its gamers a new way of getting connected to the most stylish, appealing and superb character in the series, which is Lightning herself.

Here, I have come up with 10 best rendered impressions of one of the most badass and strong female gaming characters, in Final Fantasy series.

And today’s, impressions are dedicated to Lightning, from Final Fantasy XIII.

Exceptionally powerful and gorgeous Lightning. Image Source:
Confident and strengthened Lightning. Image Source:
Inevitable looks of Lightning. Image Source:
Absolutely stunning Lightning. Image Source:
The full-figure standalone look. Image Source:
The iconic appearance. Image Source:
The spy look and a stylish one at that. Image Source:
Amazingly bright, the Lightning. Image Source:
The sexy yet rough-tough gaze. Image Source:
The warrior look of Lightning. Image Source:


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