YouTube, an American California based company is a video sharing website and you also better know about it. Now it has become a platform to reach the height of stardom. Unlike before, when only films were the means to entertain the audience but now people are getting famous and are getting name & fame through posting their videos on YouTube by making the channels of their own.

YouTube has become the easy trend to reach to the audience and amuse them with the talent of YouTubers. With time, it has witnessed a sharp growth. For YouTube, data says average Indian spend 1500 minutes watching video on YouTube. This makes everyone curious to know about the Top YouTubers and How Much They Earn.

Let’s have a look who is in our list of the top YouTubers:

1. Tanmay Bhat


Co-founder of All India Bakchod(AIB) has made a name for himself. He started his journey as a stand-up comedian and now has become a YouTube sensation. He is counted as one of the richest YouTuber.


2. Bhuvan Bam


Who doesn’t know the very famous channel of YouTube i.e. BB Ki Vines? The co-founder of this YouTube channel earns between 25 to 70 lakhs per month.


3. Geeky Ranjit


Hyderabad based programmer emerged as the solution of technology related queries and earns 16-20 lakhs per month.


4. Shruti Anand


She is the perfect blend of hotness and popularity. With her make-up tips, Shruti earns 15-18 lakhs per month and has become the favorite of teens and working women.


5. Rickshawali


Anisha Dixit is popularly known as Rickshawali on the YouTube. She sits in the back seat of her Auto and records her world tour. This Rickshawali earns between 9 to 12 lakhs per month.


6. Scherezade Shroff


This YouTuber has dedicated her life to the YouTube channel which she focuses on to teach styling tips and beauty tips. She is counted among the richest and popular personality on YouTube with earning of 5-8 lakhs per month.


7. Sahil Khattar


Chandigarh’s top radio person who is famous as Love Guru has become one of the best YouTuber of 2017. After facing hardships in life, Khattar started writing dialogue and following his passion for acting. With his channel Being India, he earns a handsome amount.


8. Nisha Madhulika


The teacher of almost every aspiring cook who starts to follow their cooking dreams from their home and the friend of homemakers who loves to make something new every day, this lady on demand put 3 recipes per week and is one of the richest YouTuber.


9. Kanan Gill


Gill gathered popularity with his viral series on YouTube channel ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’. With Biswa Kalyan Rath, Gill reviews popular Hindi movies and earns quite a good amount that brings him into the list of popular YouTubers.


10. Mumbiker Nikhil


This Indian motovlogger loves to tour very long distances on his motorbike. Nikhil has so much confidence facing the camera and he is definitely one of the top YouTuber of 2017 and makes so much money with his passion for biking.

Have you guys already subscribed these Indian Youtubers?


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