Image Courtesy: Indiatv

An elderly couple, Meenakshi and Kathiresan from Melur in Madurai has been claiming that they are the birth parents of actor Dhanush.

They have claimed that the actor ran away when he was a teenager to join movies. In October 2016, they sent a legal notice to actor Dhanush.

Recently, the actor with his parents, Kasthuri Raja and Vijayalakshmi were present at the court in Madurai to fight the case. At the court, Dhanush was asked to prove that he had no identification marks that the couple had mentioned. The case has been adjourned up to march 9.

The court case has created a lot of disturbance in Dhanush’s life. Kasthuri Raja, Dhanush’s father told  “All this doesn’t upset us as we know that their claims are false. So, instead of handling it emotionally, we’ve decided to patiently follow the course of the law.” He adds, “I started my film career in 1991 and I’ve been a public figure since then. Everybody knows about my family and therefore I need not explain it to anyone that Dhanush is my son, except to the court. As we’re law-abiding citizens, we’ve submitted all proper records that are required.” So, will Dhanush have to undergo a DNA test? “As the case is going on in the court now, I cannot comment on the proceedings,” he added.


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