A still from Instagram. Image Source: 9to5google.files.wordpress.com

Facebook owned Instagram has now come up with some really astonishing features to totally beat Snapchat-as it seems now! The social media app has now introduced video calling and some other great options for its vast community of users who are using the app world over. That’s a really great news as most of the social media users that remain active these days use Instagram the most, so, having a video chat with their loved ones, and that too in the same app, is incredibly amazing!

The video calling feature can be accessed from the ‘message direct’ section where a video calling button can be seen on the top-right corner of the phone screen, in the app. And yes, the users which you have blocked, won’t be able to make video call to you.

And that’s not all, you can now also scroll through your feeds too while having the video call. Just simply minimize the window of the video call and it will be like picture-in-picture!

And you can have video chat with upto four people, as of now. In future, may be the app will increase that number.

A still from the new Instagram video calling feature. Image Source: images.firstpost.com

Well, since the video calling has just been introduced by Instagram, its very less as far as enabling the number of people to interact. Snapchat can allow 16 people to have a video call at the same time, while Apple’s iPhone is way beyond-it’s FaceTime allows upto 32 people!

There is a tray of channels which is now located above Explore section, enabling you to see videos on Art, Sports, Beauty etc.

New face filters are also being introduced as now you can use your favourite celebrity’s face filters to have them in the camera options! If you follow your favourite stars, then you will see their face-filters in the stories camera. You can try them.


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