Yoga has been practised for about 5000 years and everyday its effect in human wellness is increasing. It initially originated in India and is now been practised by many countries all over the world.

A recent study by the revered Cochrane Library reveals that regular practising of yoga can curb lower back pain gradually. It is a well-known fact that all human beings experience lower back pain at least once in a lifetime. It may prevail for about 2 weeks or in some cases for months. In some other worst cases, back pain may occur every now and then. 40% of these patients are prescribed painkillers that end up ineffective.

Back pain rather than being dealt with medically, should be solved by other means that enrich our body and mind. Yoga is one of those traditional procedures that helps maintain a healthy physique and mind. Originated in India, the word ‘Yoga’ is said to be a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union between mind, body and soul’.

In the study conducted by the University of MaryLand in the US, 1080 people were observed. Participants included men and women between the age group of 34 and 48. They were instructed to practice yoga twice a week for about 45-90 minutes. After a period of 6 months, it was observed that, people who practised yoga were twice as healthy as the other group. Personally, they also felt a 26% improvement in the quality of their physical lifestyle.


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