Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or anything else? It is a image of the International Space Station passing in front of the Sun.

This stunning composite image was created by using ten different frames. It shows ISS transiting the sun at five miles per second on Saturday, Dec 17, 2016. Wow, what a remarkable image it is.

NASA has always tried to provide the images of various planets and it has always tried to develop new technology in order to capture more specific images. Earlier NASA has taken the images of sun by STEREO. Below is the first image taken by STEREO. The image shows the sun’s rolling surface and atmosphere at the temperatures around one million Kelvin (1.8 million degree Fahrenheit).

Image credit to NASA
Image credit to NASA

STEREO, launched on Oct. 25, 2006, consists of observation systems orbiting the sun in front and behind the Earth. Just as our two eyes give us a three-dimensional view of the world, the views provided by each STEREO system can be combined to provide a three-dimensional view of the sun. Though the first STEREO images were taken in early December, the two systems were not in position to give three dimensional images until April 2007.

NASA has previously revealed similar snaps – some with a planet thrown in for good measure.

On 9 May Mercury passed in front of the Sun as seen from Earth,  which occurs only around 13 times every century, so astronomers all over Earth were eager to capture the event.

This time NASA has published similar kind of image, which was Taken from Newbury Park in California, it reveals the orbiting outpust. Choosing the right spot for capturing the perfect image takes considerable effort, says Thierry:French astrophotographer. In taking such stunning images like one included here, the hard work and luck pays off.

 The International Space Station can be seen quite often and there are many more things to see. It is just a case of looking up at the right time.
Just to give idea about how difficult it is, scroll down for a video.


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