‘Befikre’ Title Song Out and It’s As Crazy As You Thought (VIDEO)
Credits: Befikre Movie Official Twitter

Couldn’t get the title track of Befikre out of your head since the trailer came out? Time to indulge! Yash Raj just dropped a longer audio and video of the title song and it’s as crazy as you expected it to be.

Yash Raj Films just released a longer version of “Ude Dil Befikre” – the title song of the movie that played in the background while the two leads – Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor went crazy.

The video of “Ude Dil Befikre” features Ranveer and Vaani daring each other to do outrageous and supposedly “fun” stuff like robbing a mannequin of its modesty – a playboy underwear – and  scandalizing Asian families at an IKEA shop (probably) washing their…um…dirty linen?

Don’t believe us? Watch it here yourself:

“Befikre’s” music has been received quite well by the public. “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” topped charts as soon as it hit the internet while “Labon Ka Karobaar” also amassed a good number of views.

The film’s trailer was a big success too. Slated to hit theaters Dec 9, 2016, the video managed to garner mixed reviews with many balking at the originality of the movie – or the lack of it.

The umpteen number of lip-locks between Ranveer and Vaani in Befikre raised a few eyebrows as well. However, the Censor Board seems to have passed it off with a U/A certificate without cutting a single scene and that has become a topic of debate now.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) came under fire a few months ago when it drastically cut several scenes and urged to cut the usage of the word “Punjab” from the movie “Udta Punjab.”

Speaking about the issue, CBFC chair Pahlaj Nihlani told a website:

“When we are strict with on-screen intimacy, people have a problem, when we let scenes of intimacy remain intact, people have a problem. The images in Befikre are not about the kisses alone. It’s about a whole lot of things, about love.”

Speaking about the trailer of Befikre:

“The trailer shows kissing as a manifestation of love; it’s not there for titillation. All the kisses are in long shots. It’s only in close-ups that kissing on screen tends to look overblown. There is a difference between showing intimacy discreetly and getting so worked up about it that the camera becomes voyeuristic. As to why the CBFC has chosen to be liberal with the trailer, it’s because Aditya Chopra’s aesthetic sense makes the kissing look natural, and not vulgar at all,” he added.

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