The Commonwealth 2010, India -Stadium Credits: blog.sacbee

The host for Commonwealth 2022 is open, as Durban backs out. India will likely toss its hat in the ring for hosting the Commonwealth 2022.

Durban backed out from being a host as the South African government failed to give financial guarantees for the event. As there is hardly four years to prepare for the next Commonwealth, the federation is in a hurry to select the next host. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) begins the search for a replacement host city and is now inviting bids.

A senior Indian Olympic Association (IOA) official said they were weighing the options of stepping in. Rajeev Mehta, IOA General Secretary, said, “We received a communication from them (CGF) today. Our (IOA) president and members are discussing the issue”. He also said, “If there is support from the government, we will consider the possibility of bidding for the Games”.

Source: Wikipedia

Mehta also pointed out that several things have changed over the years. Since, India has already hosted one in 2010, it is confident enough to host another. He also highlighted the successful conduct of the South Asian Games on a shoestring budget in Guwahati and Shillong last year. The government supervised the the event and controlled the finances, while IOA provided a great technical support.

Regarding the Commonwealth 2022, he made it very clear that there is no time limit for bidding yet. However, Mehta has decided to meet IOA president N Ramachandran to decide the future course of action.

Last time, India failed to meet the deadline for biding the Commonwealth 2018. The Commonwealth 2018 is all set to begin in April, in Gold Coast, Australia. Australia, which is hosting for the fifth time, has also put forth its desire to host in 2022. The English cities Birmingham and Liverpool too have come forward to replace Durban.

With several countries in, the work has doubled for CGF. However, CGF will soon declare the host, as not much time is left for the preparation