Dr. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist and famed critic of American actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial Goop website hits again with her strong opinion on the trend carrying out by women for cleaning their vaginas with cucumbers and Vicks’ Vaporub.
Dr. targeted at men who complain about the natural smell of their partner’s genitals. According to Gunter, it is a “form of abuse”. In her recent blog, she came out with an example from her own life of dumping her boyfriend who complained about the smell of her genitals.
The Canadian gynecologist told women not to feel ashamed of their natural smell, instead, they should do away with any man who tries to make them do so.

Dr. Gunter Posted In Her Blog:

“I once dated a guy who insinuated my v@gina did not smell right. He was an a** in other ways too. For example, he thought my hair would be better if it were straight. Sadly I took the bait, it wasn’t. He thought I would look better if I dressed a certain way. Again I took the bait. I just felt worse. When it came around to telling me how my
v@gina could be better it finally clicked that this is a form of control that men often use. Fortunately I am an appropriately confident v@gina expert and I had a light bulb moment and dumped his sorry a**.”

On Seeing Health Tips In Magazines:

The vagina expert has been an Obstetrician and gynecologist for years and she began her own blog to dismantle claims of health tips suggestions on different platforms, “I see the consequences of women doing harmful things they read about online.” For Paltrow, she said, “It breaks my heart when I hear people tell me about all the useless therapies they’ve wasted their money on.”

Dr Gunter Warns Girls:

“I realize this may border on TMI (too much information), but honestly if it happened to me I bet it has happened to other women. The continued proliferation of the what will they insert next, the products on drug store shelves, and the interest in these posts tells me that I’m probably right.”

She Also Warns Girls On Having Certain Kind Of Odor:

“A v@gina takes care of itself. Like a self cleaning oven. The v@gina needs no cleaning and the vulva needs very little. However, a strong vaginal odor – for instance, a ‘fishy’ smell – might be abnormal and could indicate a problem. If you think you have a medical condition, see a doctor. If your partner insinuates that an artificial smell is preferable to the smell of a normal v@gina they are the one who has an issue. Telling women how they can be better is a classic way of tapping into body image issues and honestly in my personal opinion it is a form of abuse.”

In Her Recent Post, She Suggested Not To Clean Vagina With Cucumber:

“For what I am sure is the 100th time the v@gina needs no cleaning and the vulva needs very little.  I know the array of useless feminine washes and wipes at the drugstore and the drivel spouted by Gwyneth Paltrow via Goop imply otherwise, but I’m the actual expert.”
Carrying out recent trend of vagina facial with cucumber is also warned by Dr.


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