Google a world in itself can sum up the entire world for you in just a click, whenever you are in the middle of the life’s roller coaster then the first thing comes to your mind is- LETS GOOGLE.

“As the GOOGLE is the ultimate solution to every problem”

But, have you ever heard a term Google’s RankBrain? Yet no, then today we are sharing what rank brain is and how it affects our search patterns and ranking?

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence program that used to help process Google search queries. As it embeds several amounts of written languages into a language which computer understands that are mathematical entities called vectors. Have you notice when you searched something which not at all correct b but Google rectify it and serves the exact result for you.

This all happens due to the RankBrain, if it sees a word or sentence that is not familiar with, the system can make a guess as to what words or sentence might have similar meaning or answer and filter the result accordingly.

As Google said, “Search Engine Land that RankBrain favored different results in Australia versus the United States for that query because the measurements in each country are different, despite the similar names.”


How Will Rank Brain Affect Your SEO?

As it is an artificial intelligence program it is specifically designed to solve queries ask to google search engine.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization, the first step in developing an SEO based campaign or content has always been about defining the exact keywords which are used in your content several times.

If you fail to generate successful SEO keyword that customers are searching for, your content is doomed from the beginning. This part of the Search Engine Optimization process, the foundation, is what RankBrain will most affect.

However, successful SEO is directly proportional to RankBrain which is adaptable to changes in the search engine rankings landscape.


Points to consider:

• RankBrain is mimicked the human brain’s cognitive capacity by finding patterns and meanings among billions of billions of data available on the Google
• RankBrain is ahead of Google search engineers as they guessed correctly 70 percent of the time while RankBrain’s success rate is 80 percent.
• RankBrain is all about learning and suggesting new patterns for search engine suggest page.