Keep the action aside, keep the romance beside and also keep the thrillers somewhere on your backside. Because the one genre of movies which truly test your nerves and adrenaline is-horror! The many believers of ‘true horror movies’ may argue that no such movie is being made these days and the real horror has become extinct from the cinematic experience. And there are those ones too, who would claim to be fearless or fear-proof, but guys, you must check out some of these shots below to re-check on your body sensors! The most goose bump bringing movies’ screenshots are here. And yes, don’t have a look. If you do-on your own risk! Go ahead…

The Ring (2002)


Just tell me, who were the ones who were left to witness this! This epic, most frightening and breath-taking sequence, where the ghostly girl comes out of a television, in the movie Ring! The movie itself is a thrilling and eye catching one with a gripping story but this haunting girl which keeps chasing the people in a very, very horrific style, is just so fatal. One hell of a movie and kudos to the director.

The Conjuring (2016)


Well, the second outing of the hit franchise was also a blockbuster hit, still, some of the scenes became the movie’s highlight. The ghost fighting lady or the character goes in a room to look out for the evil spirit. She knows that there is a spirit and yes, we too, as audience. But when the spirit actually comes out of a painting of a nun/sister (if I am right), God! I remember the entire theatre falling silent to this scene as no one dared to watch and faces were covered with hands.

The Babadook (2014)



Even more frightening than The Ring! Well, somewhere, and you won’t deny the fact keeping the above two images in mind. You can’t remain at peace if you even throw one of your eyes to these pics and for quite some time, you will skip the idea of sleeping. Dare you do the reverse. I guess, after the Ring, this one should be declared the ultimate and most heavily impactful psycho-horror movie till date. The whole sequence of the ghost’s entry is such a process of uprooting your sleeves-automatically and letting yourself get stuck with the character in that room and be shocked. Baba dook, dook, dook!

The Evil Dead (2013)


Face this face, if you have the guts. Can you? Surely not for most of you. Well, not your fault, as the close-up is shot in a way that it deepens more and more as you keep gluing your eyes to this devil or evil or whatever this ghost looks like. The bleeding blood and murdering eyes will haunt you till you leave the theatre or if you are in a room. Being in a room (with no lights) would be perfect-not for you, but for that ghost to create the biggest impact on your nerves-whether they are brain’s or of any other body part. Be safe!

The Insidious (2010)


Not denying the fact that the very first installment in the insidious series was a big hit due to its somewhat unusual plot (if not completely different), but the viewers would not forget the one thing from the movie. And it’s obviously the ghost lady who you see in each of the photographs of the story’s male character and she is the only one who appears (if not every time) to give a shockwave to all everyone, as well as you-the viewers! With that ‘just-left’ candle in her hands and a bride’s costume-but in an evil black shade-she is fully capable enough to cause one or two heart attacks, without a single warning. You don’t trust me? See the movie and you are most welcome to come again and comment here.