No doubt that Justice League is a big excitement for all the DC fans and it’s just getting more exciting with each day and especially after the latest Justice League Trailer, that broke out yesterday. Its not that the previous trailers have been a bit less attractive but this time something swayed the fans and social media, just unprecedentedly!

The latest trailer for the DCEU’s next ‘team-up’ shows Amazon Princess Diana on a roof top along with the Dark Knight, Batman himself, who makes a ‘perfect-to-watch’ landing!

Since the time this new trailer got out, the internet has gone crazy and gaga over Ben Affleck’s Batman’s awesome landing’.

See the image below.

Batman’s breathtaking landing in the new Justice League trailer

And here’s the twitter reaction from users across the globe, praising Ben Affleck’s the Batman landing!

That’s really amazing to see because hardly anyone has liked Ben Affleck as the ultimate caped crusader, since the time he was announced as the new face for the big-screen versin of Bruce Wayne, after Christian Bale’s departure in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.


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