Rumors and leaks are generally business as usual in the run-up to a new iPhone launch, but rarely do we see leaks come directly from Apple. Today, though, a couple of developers found code hidden in the dev kit for Apple’s HomePod speaker that apparently shows the design of the next iPhone.

According to Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo, the HomePod’s firmware contains references to BiometricKit, the software for the next iPhone’s infrared face-scanning functionality. Although Apple obviously hasn’t officially discussed the kit yet, face-scanning will likely be used for unlocking the phone.

Source: Google

In addition, the HomePod firmware reveals icons of a new, bezel-less device that is most likely the upcoming iPhone. It shows a screen that takes up much more of the front, and it doesn’t have a home button. This would corroborate rumors that Apple is ditching the home button for the iPhone 8. What remains to be seen is whether Touch ID is also getting removed, or if Apple found a way to integrate the fingerprint scanner into the screen itself. Recently, the company trademarked just such an integrated display.

Apple has traditionally announced new iPhones in September, so we’re probably not too far away from an official reveal. Other rumors suggest that there will be a more expensive, anniversary edition added to the iPhone lineup, wireless charging, support for the Apple Pencil, and more.