Smoothie, a thick beverage made from blended raw fruit or vegetables mixing with other ingredients such as water, ice, or added sweeteners. The ingredients in the smoothie can be any fruit or veggie, honey, sugar, milk, yogurt, nuts, seeds, chocolate or any herbal supplements.

A smoothie can be compared to milkshake but it has the difference that milkshake contains ice cream more than fruits. As much as you include healthy fruit in it, you will get a healthy smoothie.

So, today let’s know about some of the healthy smoothies that are yummy and healthy too.

1. Strawberry-Yogurt Smoothie:


Strawberries are synonymous to immune-boosting nutrients. It is high in Vitamin C, low in calories, contains potassium and perfects to start your day. Fresh strawberries and yogurt together make a too yummy and healthy smoothie.

2. Tomato Smoothie:


Tomato helps in preventing heart disease. It contains salicylates which are known as an anti-clotting effect on the blood.

3. Mango-Avocado Smoothie:


Avocado comes with healthy fats and nutrients which gives stronger hair, lower risk of cancer and control blood sugar. So, blend it with mango and enjoy your healthy smoothie.

4. Berry-Flaxseed Smoothie:


Flaxseeds are known to slow down tumor growth in women having breast cancer. Its magnesium and Omega-3 control blood sugar and reduce inflammation. So, in health point of view, you need to try this healthy smoothie.

5. Mango Smoothie


Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene and its high fiber may also help induce feelings of fullness. So, when you are going to taste Mango smoothie.

6. Orange-Banana Smoothie:


Banana contains potassium and B6 which helps in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels control. So, just take the pulp of orange and mix with the banana to make a healthy smoothie.

7. Orange-Blueberry-Yogurt Smoothie:


Fresh oranges and Blueberries contain vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. So why not try smoothy of Orange-Blueberry-Yogurt that is yummy and healthy too.

8. Raspberry-Beet Smoothie:

Beets help to increase blood flow throughout the body as it is rich in nitric acid.


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