In the Last Month, there is a small announcement from the Square Enix that it will hold a closed beta for its upcoming Final Fantasy fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Starting from 25th of August till 3rd of September, select players will be able to try out the arcade fighter early. Registration is currently going on now, and those who’d like to sign up for a chance to participate have until August 20 to do so.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the third installment in the spinoff series, which began on PSP back in the year 2009. The game features a roster of heroes and villains taken from throughout the Final Fantasy series’ 30-year history, which includes the Cloud, Lightning, Kefka, and many others.

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Today, Square Enix announced one more character who is going to appear in the game: the Blitzball legend Jecht from Final Fantasy X. However, the publisher confirmed that Jecht will not be one of the characters available to use during the game’s closed beta.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches exclusively for PlayStation 4 in early 2018. The title is a home console port of the Japanese arcade game that released in the year 2015. It features a three-on-three battle system, over 20 playable characters, and a number of iconic Final Fantasy Summons that can be called in during battle.