Water is one of the most beautiful and exciting things on an adventure trip. But as it is said that it’s only a matter of seconds before you lose your life. Water may be the most beautiful thing but it can be dangerous as well.

Water can take your life before you can be sorry. There are a few water bodies in the world that are so dangerous that even stepping a single foot in it can cause harm to your body.

Take a look.

1. Potomac River


The river is situated in the United States and is 14 miles long. The river is popular for fishing, kayaking, and boating. The surface of the river may appear calm but the undercurrent is deadly. 

2. Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon is a very beautiful water body situated in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. This quarry was once flooded and ever since then, it has been intoxicated. Stepping into it can harm your skin and stomach.

3. Lake Michigan


Lake Michigan is every swimmer’s personal heaven. It attracts a lot of swimmers every summer. But it has such deadly currents that often take the lives of these swimmers.

4. Horseshoe Lake


This lake is situated in California, USA and exudes a large amount of carbon dioxide. That’s why nobody is allowed to spend a night in here as you may not survive the night.

5. Jokulhlaup Lake


Jokalhlaup Lake is in Iceland. This lake awaits volcanic eruptions. Once the eruption occurs and the glacier melts, there comes flood which destroys the land and humans living nearby.

6. Citarum River


Citarum is situated in Indonesia and is highly polluted. The river runs with the waste of around 500 companies. Humans use it for boiling food, drinking and taking bath.

7. Lake Kivu


Lake Kivu is like a deadly bomb. It awaits the volcanic eruption before it goes and destroys the people living in the nearby areas. It is situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. It also has 250 cubic kilometers worth of carbon dioxide and 65 cubic kilometers worth of methane gas. 

8. Rio Tinto


Spain’s Rio Tinto is an acidic water body. It can easily dissolve any water species and a human as well if they step into it by mistake. The texture may appear beautiful because of the dissolved iron but trust me it’s anything but beautiful.

9. Boiling Lake


Boiling Lake as the name itself suggests is the largest hot spring in the world situated in Dominica. The edges measure up to 82-degree Celsius and the center is yet to be measured. 

10. Jacob’s Well


Jacob’s Well is situated in Texas, USA. It is one of the favorite spots for divers but it is risky as hell. The total depth of Jacob’s Well is 40 meters. It has taken the lives of hundreds of divers.

11. The Devil’s Pool


The Devil’s Pool is situated at Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe. After a certain point, the water level is so high that only brave and expert swimmers can take a risk of entering the pool. There is a rock barrier that keeps the current tame but some of the swimmers have crossed that barrier and died. 

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