A still from Stranger Things

Netflix’s Stranger Things’s first season was widely popular and acclaimed too, for its content, which dealt in paranormal events taking place in the small towns of America: Hawkins and Indiana. But there has been a new twist to its season 1 story altogether, since a new teaser video for Season 2 of Stranger Things got released.

The latest teaser shows a conspiracy theorist, trying to connect the dots of season 1’s events to much larger things and events that took place in the real world!

The video is a kind of slide-show, set in the 80s, that tries to relate Will Byer’s disappearance, supposed death, and revelations to much bigger international events.

The narrator of the slide-show shows the Russian boycott of the 1984 Olympics, New Coke, sunspots, and other real events of that era, to show them as a proof of the world, turning ‘upside-down.’

And as per the latest news, the conspiracy theories will play a major role in the upcoming new season of Stranger Things, in which popular comedian Brett Gelman will be playing Murray Bauman, a former journalist turned conspiracy theorist.

Stranger Things Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix, from October 27th.