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OnePlus 6 has achieved something for its company, that no other previous phone was able to. The latest offering from the Hong Kong based smartphone manufacturer has sold over 1 million units in just 22 days! That’s really insane and amazing too, but considering the sheer brilliance and popularity of upcoming OnePlus phones, this isn’t a big surprise.

The new phone 6, was released last month on May 16th, and the rave reviews and smooth performance feedbacks from tech analysts all over the world, must have boosted the sales, for sure. But the phone’s pricing has also made the consumers go for it, since it offers every flagship experience in so much less cost.

Telling about OnePlus 6’s sales numbers, CEO Pete Lau said, “Since before OnePlus launched, we’ve always taken care to listen closely to our users and deliver smartphones which combine design and power. The OnePlus 6 is our most balanced handset yet, combining style and speed for a unique experience. Our approach has been rewarded by returning users and new customers alike, and we’re grateful to the OnePlus community as the OnePlus 6 has become our fastest selling handset ever.”

The previous phone, 5T had to take around 3 months to touch 1 million units in sales, but the way OnePlus 6 has changed the game, is stupendous. Good days for the OnePlus ahead.


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