OnePlus 5T and Apple iPhone X

The OnePlus is surely rising to be a smartphone brand force, to reckon with, courtesy the success of its 3T, 5 and just recently, the 5T models. But the flagship phone, OnePlus 5, which was released earlier this year, came under fire for copying the design on its back, just like Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus! Although, OnePlus makers tried to justify the design patterns and how it suited the phone, but it was obvious that the company also became one of those rivals who have copied an iPhone’s design or any other feature.

Well, the company did change something in the design section, with next, 5T model, which was really a new design, but still, the Face Unlock feature in 5T was just like following the iPhone X’s Face ID. Though, OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock turned out to be impressive, yet got mixed reactions. Why?

Unlike iPhone X’s Face ID which not only helps the users to unlock the phone, but also gives complete access to pay, and control other activities also, with full safety, the 5T’s Face Unlock, being a bit faster than iPhone X’s Face ID, just aids in opening up the phone, with a gaze but, it doesn’t guarantees a full protection against any hack! Yes, that’s what the company has also agreed upon, and it said that it’s not safe for online mobile payments.

The company has also assured of taking steps to prevent any kinds of problems or issues that may arise in the 5T regarding the Face Unlock feature.

OnePlus 5T and iPhone X

So, considering all these aspects, it now seems certain that OnePlus’s next flagship version, OnePlus 6 may just have the same face recognition system as of the iPhone X!

Not only this, rumor has it that the OnePlus 6 will also have the same camera hardware setup, just like the iPhone X (with a 3D camera module that uses infrared light to measure depth, being useful for the face unlocking).

Well, the OnePlus 6 is far away from being launched at the moment, but its now confirmed that the smartphone maker will definitely copy the Apple iPhone X’s ‘new standard’ Face ID feature!


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