Niantic Labs, the creator of Pokemon go has a new update available for the game. The new update is not a big one. It is just to fix a few minor bugs in the game.

The game on its release became an instant success garnering excellent reviews and millions of players all around the world. Aim of the game is for players to walk around and catch Pokemon’s. Other way to get new Pokemon’s is to hatch the eggs. The game has released new updates for the game since its release. Most importantly Niantic rolled out updates for player safety. The need for it arose after reports of numerous accidents due to the game surfaced.
The new update does not make big changes to the game as expected. Rumours are flying around that Niantic is releasing new generation of Pokemon’s. If the rumours are to believed Niantic is making changes to the APK file of the game with these updates. These changes to the APK are being done to accommodate new Gen 2 Pokemon’s from the Johto region. If the rumours turn out to be true then there will be a lot more Pokemon’s for the Players to catch and reignite the game’s craze.

The new Pokemon Go update will be a relief for Android phone users.

With the new update Niantic has brought must needed fixes to Android. Updates for Android include:
  1. Time taken by the game to start will reduce.
  2. Connectivity issue for Pokemon Go Plus resolved.
  3. Text errors corrected.

Niantic after complaints from players has fixed Spelling and text problems in the game.

Lastly, for Iphone the only update is for the Apple Watch. The game has Wheelchair Support now.
Here is the link to Pokemon Go’s website. All information for the new updates can be found here.
The game is still going strong after its release last year. Let’s hope the support for the game is not pulled and new Pokemon’s are introduced soon.