When venturing off to school each morning, most of the children either take a bus, walk or ride to school by their bicycle. Thus, For many students reaching school in the morning is not a tough task.

However, for some children, it is a struggle. The route to school isn’t as simple for them who go to receive an education. Here, we have some of the most incredible journeys to school in the world for which children risk their lives.

1. India- Zanskar Valley


2. China- Gulu


The student has to pass through 1 ft narrow path. The journey to their school is of 5 hours.

3. Indonesia- Riau

The students have to take the canoe to the school which is very difficult.

4. India- Meghalaya

The student of Nongsophan Village has to pass through the bridge full of roots to get in the school.

5. Indonesia- Bantek

The student of Saghiang Tanjung village risks their life while passing through the damaged bridge. In 2012 the bridge was reconstructed so that student can reach safely to school.

6. Philippines- Rizal

The children’s have to cross the river on tire tubes.

7. Indonesia- Sumatra

The students have to walk on a rope which is 30 feet above the river Padang.



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