Many video games developer provider a chance to change the player into a superhero, but few depict the gravity of the role like Megaton Rainfall, a first-person “superhero sim” from independent developer Pentadimensional Games. Today, at an event the Penta dimensional released a new trailer for the ambitious title and announced its release date for the PlayStation 4 that is 26th of September.

Megaton Rainfall places players in the role of an “indestructible interdimensional superbeing.” You’ll have to use your immense powers to defend Earth from alien invaders, but your superhuman abilities can inadvertently destroy the people you’re charged with protecting. “Each new superpower you gain has a dark side you must avoid,” the developer says in a post on the PlayStation Blog. “Your basic shot destroys entire buildings every time you miss your target. Your telekinesis can prevent enemy grenades from damaging the humans, but it can also send vehicles careening down the street. The gigaton blast can destroy an enemy mothership… or the entire city.”

Source: Google

Pentadimensional in an event says it sought to capture the “unprecedented freedom of movement” of being a superhero with Megaton Rainfall, and as such the game features immense, destructible environments that players can freely fly around. At the beginning, you’ll be limited to exploring the Earth, “from the bottom of the ocean to the stratosphere,” but during the course of the game you’ll gain the ability to “fly to the Moon or walk across the surface of the Sun.”

Via a steam Megaton Rainfall is also coming to computer version, though Pentadimensional which has not announced a release date for that version. PS4 players can play through entire game using PSVR, and the title will feature PS4 Pro support for 4K resolution.