Wonder Woman shining high in the night sky!

On the night of September 14th, around 300 Drones lit the sky up with a formation of Wonder Woman’s iconic symbol, in Los Angeles. It was a celebration of the superhero’s charismatic impact and also this year’s movie. Although, the show was produced by Warner Bros. in a partnership with Intel’s drone team, before the eve of the Blu-ray release of its DC installment starring Gal Gadot, on September 19th.

The ‘shooting star’ LED-carrying drones created a mesmerizing performance, forming various figures of Princess Diana before making her ‘stand-out’ sign!

Director Patty Jenkins shared a footage of the drones’ display, in a tweet, showing the Intel’s drone team preparing for the various sky-performances through its 300 LED-carrying drones.

Here’s the full clip of the enchanting drone-performance over Los Angeles, in the night sky.

Earlier in 2016, Intel had also set the record for controlling 500 Shooting Star drones, by a single pilot with a laptop, over a sports field in Krailling, Germany.