The Spidey mania is swaying the people around the globe as the reboot movie in face of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has changed the way superhero origin stories have been depicted on the big-screen throughout the years. There is a reason why it actually happened with Homecoming. How did Tom Holland gave us the much needed Peter Parker that we always wanted to have in our mind-the ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’? Director Jon Watts probably knew what he was doing-by doing what he did. So, why did Spider-Man: Homecoming work?

If you haven’t been to the theatres yet and not watched the movie, then kindly ignore this.


The style of superhero movies has mostly been repetitive since the last decade-whether it’s the character’s origin or how he/she embarks on the journey of saving the world from the baddies or technically called, the villains. Now, the important thing here comes of the journey of ‘getting it, learning it and ultimately mastering it’. This is in terms of the superhuman abilities that a protagonist gains but how he actually manages to gain control of them has never been given that much importance for the audience to see on the big-screen. We haven’t seen how a superhero actually earns that title to himself by failing, learning and finally conquering his lows.

This is where Spider-Man: Homecoming hit the bull’s eye! It went onto that unexplored zone of a superhero when he is just a beginner, an amateur. It’s the story of a teenage boy who’s just 15! And it’s definitely obvious that he is not yet acquainted with his new found abilities, even after his appearance in the Civil War, one year ago. He has much to learn about and horn his skills. But this aspect has never been thoroughly touched in previous Spider-Man movies or even in any other superhero flick.

Although, it was indeed shown in some movies like, 2013’s Man of Steel, where Superman first time faces his test of learning to fly ability-remember that ‘First Superflight’ scene? And in 2015’s Ant-Man too, where Paul Rudd faces a hard challenge against a door’s key hole! And not to miss, 2008’s Iron Man, where Tony Stark himself begins to test on his flying abilities and the robots which aid him during his early missions. So, it’s not awkward to show yourself at the receiving end of it-after all, it’s what makes you learn, from the mistakes and rise from the ground.

There has to be a phase where we also see our beloved superhero struggling and overcoming his own challenges. That’s what Spider-Man: Homecoming is all about-learning, failing and succeeding, eventually. When he is introduced to the newly made Tony Stark’s customized Spider-Man suit with built-in artificial intelligence, he is unable to control them with ease and is most of the time, left messed-up.

But after realizing what it means to him to be a real superhero, he gradually improvises on his weaknesses and ultimately gets to know his real identity, as an individual. And this is the whole reason of its big success, which is being un-trendy in storytelling and still being the best of all. This is the long awaited Homecoming of our beloved Spidey.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and co-produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: Homecoming has been released and is running successfully in the theatres, worldwide.