A look at the new iPhone X at Apple Keynote event in Cupertino, on September 12, 2017.

Attention, all of you! It’s here finally, and lastly, after waiting for almost a year. As it happened, the Keynote, in the newly built Steve Jobs Theatre, in Cupertino, Apple had already made it clear that they would be coming with a surprise-‘three’ actually, if you want to just limit them to…I hope you got me. Am I right? Ok then.

There’s so much to talk about right now, but here I will be just going straightly to that one more thing-yes, you must be knowing by now-probably everyone. Just in case, if anyone of you wasn’t aware of it, here I am, recapitulating it all.

Apple finally revealed and announced the all new, anniversary edition iPhone X, and beyond it, it also presented some serious new features along with it-which will bow your mind away.

Don’t stop reading-just continue.

As you can clearly see the above image, the iPhone X looks just that-oh that look!

Before I come to the highly awaited phone and start talking about its true functions and configurations, firstly you have to know about the other two new things too-the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. And they have got some brilliant features too, to distinguish them from the 7 and 7 Plus.

Now, coming back to the new, stunningly sexy iPhone X!

The most ambitious iPhone yet, by Apple has come up at a great time (well, it’s the usual time according to every year), with boasting of some incredibly phenomenal features. I will break them down one by one for you. Don’t be restless, just scroll down.

Design and Display

It’s an all-screen smartphone, with the front being capitalized by the touchscreen interface, altogether. The design quality, is as always exceptional, as usual, with Apple being at its best. The back and front are made of all-glass, which is absolutely durable, giving the phone a premium, elegant and inevitable look. More solidity is provided by surgical-grade stainless steel. Like the previous year, there is a Type-C USB 3.0 port and no traditional 3.5 mm audio jack. Two speakers on either sides of the USB port are also present.

The screen is an OLED display with a size of 5.8inch. The interesting thing about this display is that the overall size of the phone is comparably smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus but, the inside screen is biggest yet! Mind the resolution too, which is 2436×1125, having a pixel density of 458ppi-the best in any iPhone yet.

Not to say, that the display is one of the bests out there, with a great brightness, true blacks, a staggering contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1, and an all new Super-Retina HD, edge-to-edge display that is so-so impressive-I can’t explain it right now until you take the phone in your hands. If you are 4K-holic, then, you can understand the emotions.

And thanks to the True Tone technology, the pictures and videos on the phone just look the way as they were made by the creators for you. An advanced 6-channel ambient light sensor is there to adjust the white balance on-screen, to match the color temperature of the light around you.

Another notable thing is the resistance under water-now it’s completely guarded against anything wet!

The iPhone sans Home Button!

We will still be missing it, but, growing ahead is important to carve the way for something more special. And Apple has done just that, this time. Not having the Home button is not a problem here for the iPhone X, as it has been fueled by very intuitive gestures. Just like the Home button, now, a single swipe from the bottom will take you home and this can be repeated with all other apps.

The Face ID

Your face will now be acting as an unbreakable, safe and hack-proof password. It has been certified by Apple that no one else, except you, will be able to unlock your phone. Neither a fake image or saved image of yours will be able to crash in the security. That’s something really assuring. Touch ID was always protective and the customers were anxious regarding the face-recognition feature as everyone has already seen what happens in the Samsung Galaxy S8+. The face recognition technology didn’t prove much of a reliable support as far as the S8 Plus is concerned.

The Machine learning in the Face ID lets it adapt the physical changes in your face, over a period of time. So once you have registered your face with your iPhone X, it will always recognize you no matter what dress or make you put on-because it’s your iPhone!

But iPhone X is different in every way. You will know it, when its out after this month, in the stores. The Face ID is not only a way for unlocking your phone, but also helps you in paying for any of your transactions, anywhere.

It uses a facial mapping which consists of 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face. The Face ID is enabled by a True-depth camera which is also simple and easy to set up.

The Camera

The most attractive feature since the inception of iPhone and then followed by other world competitors. This time too, the iPhone X has one more thing about its camera-the portrait lighting. It provides the exact, same kind of impact as it feels like in photo studio. The picture which is shot on an iPhone X will now be the same just like a photo taken in a studio, i.e., a studio-lighting effect!

Well, the camera this time too is a 12 MP dual, on the rear with a wide-angle telephoto lens (one being f/1.8 aperture and the other telephoto lens being f/2.4 aperture). But it enables a new feature too-the augmented reality! It will allow the users to super-impose the virtual-gaming experience onto the real world! The selfie camera is again 7MP like iPhone 7 Plus, and it can also track 3D objects in the surroundings. Both front and back cameras support OIS (optical image stabilization) for capturing truly stunning and illuminative photos in low-light too!

Video recording capability is backed up by 4K recording at 24, 30 and 60 fps, 1080p HD video at 30 or 60 fps, 720p HD at 30 fps. There is also optical image stabilization for video making.

The front camera is a True-Depth camera too, that has vast capabilities of delivering exceptional results. This new technology helps you in creating some craziest and fabulous emojis or say ‘Animoji’ while having a conversation over iMessage. It analyses your more than 50 muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 Animoji.

Also, most notably the TrueDepth camera enables the facial recognition for unlocking the phone, everytime.

The Processor

At the beginning of this month Huawei announced that its new Kirin chip processor for its phones will even surpass Apple in giving swift, razor sharp performance. Now, I am feeling sympathetic for them.

Because Apple has come up with its all new A11 Bionic chip processor with a neural engine-the first of its kind in the world. And you have to believe the fact that this chip performs around 600 billion operations per second.

A faster CPU is there inside your iPhone X now, to let you be always lag-free and on the run (well no iPhone ever lags). There are four-efficiency cores now which are upto 70% faster than the previous A10 Fusion chip. Also the two performance cores are upto 25% faster.

Power efficiency is ensured by a second-generation performance controller and custom battery design that makes the battery to last 2 hours more, as compared to the iPhone 7.

Graphics are as amazing as they always have been, on any iPhone. This time, the new three-core GPU is upto 30% faster than the previous A10 fusion chip for giving the games a super fluidity to run or any other apps to just run breathtakingly faster.

When talking about what it can sense (or how many sensors), the phone boasts of an accelerometer, barometer, three-axis gyro meter, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor-and of course the Face ID itself.

For audio calling the phone supports Voice over LTE (VOLTE), FaceTime audio and Wi-Fi calling, while FaceTime video is always there for interacting with your friends on video chats, no matter where you are.

The new iOS 11

The iOS has always been the best operating system when compared to any other smartphone OS (of course Android), and the newly designed iOS 11 is just simply user-friendly. Siri will be more advanced and you can now have transactions even while chatting with your friends in the iMessage! Apple Music is now more easier to explore, thanks to an incredible user interface in the new iOS.

As mentioned above, the Augmented Reality is here to stay with the new iPhone and you will love it, with an array of amazing, new AR-based games on the world’s largest platform for having a feel of virtual reality!

You can now open the ‘control centre’ by simply swiping down from the right, on the top of the screen.

Storage and Memory

The storage capacity has been kept decent for iPhone X and it comes in two variants when looked at, on the basis of internal storage. There is 64 GB model and the other is a 256 GB model. For maintaining everything seamlessly and ensuring a faster and vrooming performance, the phone is backed up by a 3GB RAM.

Wire-Less Charging

The new iPhone X will be charged by an all-new Qi wireless chargers. There is a new AirPower Mat for your iOS devices to charge them all at once! And it’s all wireless. Just put your iPhone, Apple Watch, or your AirPods (earplugs) on the AirPower mat and that’s it.

The battery again is non-removable as always-well, no problem with it.

Pricing and Availability

iPhone X will not be available before the next month and it will be there for pre-booking from October 27th, while the shipping will start from November 3rd.

According to storage, the iPhone X with 64 GB storage is priced at $999, and the iPhone X with 256 GB of storage is priced at $1,149.

And that’s all the information about the new iPhone X that you had to know! Let’s see how it fares in the coming days.