Marvel/Disney’s Thor: Ragnarok has been riding high since its release and so far it has accumulated a huge amount for making the MCU proud. The Taika Waititi directorial has so far gained in more than $817 million, globally! Talking of its domestic performance in the US alone, the movie is yet to cross the mark of $300 million, but its certain it will make it quick, in a few more days.

On the other hand, DC’s Justice League is going through its own roughness and is basically struggling (despite doing a very good business on the international box-office). The superhero movie has managed to make about $570 million, worldwide (thanks to a big boost from China too), but on the domestic front, it’s way-way far from its predecessors, in the DCEU.

When compared to the past DC films, JL seems to go only backward from here as it may end up earning even below or at par with 2013’s Man of Steel!

That’s really a big blow, but unfortunately, that may turn out to be a harsher truth for Warner Bros. studios, in the case of no miracle happening.


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