If you’ve ever wanted an even more immersive Counter-Strike experience, look no further than Pavlov VR, an Early Access first-person shooter. Thanks to modders, you can now play the game on five Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps.

Pavlov VR is an Early Access virtual reality first-person shooter. It’s already quite a lot like Counter-Strike, but now, with five maps from Valve’s famous sooter modded in, it’s Pavlov VR is CS:GO VR in all but name. So far, five of the original game’s maps have been remade in the game, with versions of Dust, Nuke, Aztec, Train and Office all currently available.

It might not have quite the same intensity or graphics as Counter-Strike (or, for that matter, skill ceiling), and the community is obviously substantially smaller than its predecessor. That last bit is obvious, given the cost attached to VR, but despite the game’s limitations, it does actually seem to be a reasonably faithful recreation of CS:GO, and it looks as though it’s well worth checking out, as long as you have the hardware to run it.