From youngsters to elderly people to kids, today everyone has a phone and most of them have smartphones especially the Android phone. Smartphones have become the quite essential part of every day’s life of everyone. Even a single day without the smartphone seems hard to spend. We install many apps on the phone as per our need but there are a few apps that are must for a smartphone. If you are an Android phone user, then these following apps must be on your phone.

So, Here Are 8 Must-Have Apps For An Android Phone:

1. Truecaller

It allows you to know the identity of the caller if the number is not saved in your contacts. It also helps to block annoying phone calls.

2. Food Panda

This app is for foodies and also for lazy people who don’t want to cook every day. With this app, you can place an order for food from many restaurants.

3. Google Maps

It enables you to connect with map roads. With downloading Google maps in your phone, you will never be lost your way.

4. Swipe Pad

To quick switch from one app to another, Swipe Pad helps you. With the app, you can land to a bookmarked websites too in an easy swipe.

5. Antivirus

Your phone is always at risk of the virus. So, an antivirus app is a must app for your phone.

6. Helium

This app protects the data of phone and also restores the lost data.

7. Greenify

Greenify manages the apps that run on the backend. It closes apps that still run and absorb battery in the back end.

8. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget gives at-a-glance information available to your phone. You will be able to stay updated on the forecast.
When you are using an Android phone then these apps are essential for you.


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