The situation of National Capital Delhi is getting worse day by day. We are all seeing how Delhi is being covered under the smog and becoming a ‘gas chamber’. To be freed from the pollution of Delhi, everyone needs to take stand together and it is the need of the hour at this point of time.

But, a Delhi-based photographer Ashish Pareek took the scenario seriously first and his new wedding photoshoot is inspired by the mask-theme situation of Delhi and is becoming viral on the Internet.
The pictures of photoshoot explain the threatening picture of Delhi. Also the love of the couple. Photographer used mask as a prop. Everyone is appreciating the move of the couple to accept such theme as their wedding photoshoot theme.

Ashish Pareek of Banjara Studios stated:

“While the entire Delhi and the country were talking about ‘SMOG’, while chit chatting with my better half regarding a photo shoot where one of my clients was insisting for opting locations in Delhi, but the issue was health and haze free background. Thereafter the idea of capturing the issue came up and we decided to go about it with a friend couple of ours.”

Ashish Told To Yahoo Style:

“The buzz or the alarm regarding pollution is raised only when the situation worsens; otherwise, no one talks about it.”

So, Let’s Have A Look At The Pictures Of Wedding Photoshoot That Is All Dedicated To ‘Delhi-Smog-Mask’ Situation:


Banjara Studios

The post is to aware Delhites from this critical situation.


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