Sapna Chaudhary

Big Boss 11 has seen everything, thanks to a variety of characters from every contestant on the ongoing reality show. And now that the recently evicted contestant from the show, Sapna Chaudhary is out of the house, she too has spoken up about various fellow housemates. And a few of them included Hina khan, Puneesh and Bandagi, and not to miss, Vikas Gupta.

In an exclusive interaction with IndianExpress, the eliminated contestant told, regarding her experience, “I am really happy to have finally found my freedom. I haven’t yet got my mobile phone also but I am now really looking ahead to watching the show.”

She also said that she’s not able to understand about those people who are saying that she fizzled out later in the show and didn’t play like she should have.

“I don’t know why people are accusing me for being a dud on Bigg Boss. I played my game and spoke when I had to. I was always open about things I liked or disliked and I had a fun time.”

Hina Khan turned out to be a good friend for Sapna, in the house

When being asked about her friendship with Hina Khan, she told, “Hina was my friend, and will always remain so. We are quite similar people and thus bonded well. It might have come across that she was manipulating me but I have a mind of my own. We supported each other and I know we will always do that.”

She further said, “My friends in the house have promised to attend my shows and I would love to host them. Apart from Puneesh and Bandgi Kalra, I would happily be in touch with all.”

But most importantly she also said regarding the future aspects of the winner of the show and opened up about Vikas Gupta, whom she thinks, has got a bigger chance than her friend Hina, to win the title!

“Of course Hina is a friend but I think Vikas Gupta has a strong chance to win the show. Initially we started of as great friends but when I realised he was playing mind games, I stopped talking to him. Even when he tried to make ammends, I was not interested.”


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