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The Infinity War’s aftermath has still not settled in the hearts of the fans and they are eagerly waiting for the next part, Avengers 4, to see what happened to the surviving heroes and how they will beat the indomitable Thanos, who snapped his fingers in the end of Infinity War and half of the universe got disintegrated!

But now, just recently a big news has spread the shock (and happiness too) among the die-hard MCU fans. Their wish has been fulfilled-accidentally though! And its regarding the next part, Avengers 4!

The news has come from Hindustan Times, and you know what, its official title has been out!!!

Yes, you read that absolutely right. The official title of Avengers 4 has been reportedly leaked just hours ago, by the Cinematographer of the film himself!

Trent Opaloch, the man who has been the cinematographer of MCU films like, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, is also doing the cinematography of Avengers 4 too. And just hours ago, he mistakenly leaked the official title of Avengers 4, which is, AVENGERS: END GAME.

Yes, that’s the official movie title for the next part of Infinity War, guys.

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But after a few minutes he realized what big blunder (or sin) he had committed, and then re-posted his timeline of films in which he used the name as only ‘Avengers 4’.

The cinematographer posted the timeline again, and this time it was showing only the name of the movie as Avengers 4. Image Source:

But till the time he resolved his big error, many twitter users got to know about this big leak! And now, everyone knows about it-and if not, then the social media fire will make surely make them to.

So, all you die-hard fan people of Avengers, just relax now. You know the title now. Be satisfied, to at least know something which is official!

Avengers: End Game will release in May 2019, after another anticipated first female superhero MCU flick, Captain Marvel.


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