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Catwoman is one hell of a badass female superhero that has enchanted everyone through the ages and is also a classic superhero character in the DC universe. When it comes to movies, it seems there is still something missing, as no serious impact has been made by any particular actress, on the big-screen-except, Michelle Pfeiffer, who in some really seductive and attractive manner impressed audiences and critics too, with her portrayal of the famous feline fatale, in 1989’s Batman Returns, directed by Tim Burton.

But as the new prospects have been again opened, with the DCEU getting expanded via, Warner Bros studios, there now seems a real and confirmed possibility that a new big-screen depiction of Catwoman will appear in a future DC movie, titled Gotham City Sirens (still not in development), which is said to be made by David Ayer (Suicide Squad’s director).

Now, the ultimate and big question is, who can fit in the shoes and soul of the badass, seductive yet fearless, anti-hero-Catwoman?

Here are some choices, as serious probables, as far as our consideration for them goes. See if there’s your favourite too. If not, then react in the comments section.

Alicia Vikander

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She’s got an action-adventure movie for herself lined-up, in 2018, in the form of the big reboot video game movie, Tomb Raider! By looks, action and impact, it will be great to see her in a cat suit too, if DC decides.

Megan Fox

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She’s definitely the apt choice to play the best looking, sexy female badass anti-hero in the DC comic world. But, that can only happen if the makers think about her name. If chosen, she will just turn the heads-imagine her in that iconic cat dress!

Priyanka Chopra

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Though, Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman is not an Asian woman and is basically American, but still, having done a lot of Hollywood stuff by now, Priyanka Chopra surely has got a point for herself-to become the next face of a new Catwoman. And, no doubt, she has the potential to nail it, every bit.

Alexandra Daddario

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Alexandra Daddario has got the figure and good looks required for the character of Gotham City’s Cat lady. Rounding off on her name, won’t be a surprise at all, if by any means, something like that happens.

Eiza Gonzalez

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Last, but just not the least-in any way possible. Probably the best looking Catwoman at the moment and the ‘loosely-probable’ big-screen Selina Kyle for the next installment under DCEU. She has the perfect body for Catwoman and has also shown by her acting prowess (in various TV series and recently, in the blockbuster movie, Baby Driver), that she will deliver the exact killing expressions and the most wanted ‘Catwoman thing’, if chosen. Chances are, she may turn out to be the lucky one to grab the leather suit-who knows!

Ana De Armas

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The Blade Runner 2049 actress will be the best choice, when being considered for not only her inevitable and admirable beauty, but also a perfect acting prowess! And we know what she did as the iconic and memorable Joi, in this year’s Denis Villeneuve sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner 2049. If selected, she would be the best choice for a future Catwoman in DCEU.


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