It is becoming a phenomenal sensation

Another good news for all the Pennywise fans! Warner Bros. has sent out its newest entry for next year’s Academy Awards, and do you know which movie is it? It’s ‘IT’, the biggest R-rated horror flick of all-time. Surely, the year itself is proving to be a gold-digger for Warner Bros, in terms of box office winners and also best-quality ‘content’ movies.

According to the latest confirmation, Warner Bros. has added Andy Muschietti’s supernatural blockbuster to its ‘For your Consideration’ list, which already includes this year’s beasts, namely, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, The Lego Batman Movie and Dennis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049.

Although, the movie may seem uncertain to win any ‘statues’ in acting categories, it can have a real chance in some technical sections like Best Adapted Screenplay, Costume/Make-Up Design and Production Design.

As it’s been a very bright year for the horror genre, IT, along with another fantastic contender ‘Get Out’, is a shining hope for all the lovers of this genre. The Stephen King adaption has also become the second biggest horror movie of all-time after 1999’s The Sixth Sense. The film has globally grossed around $671 million-just short of The Sixth Sense. While domestically, the movie has so far taken in around $325.2 million.

The movie starring Bill Skarsgard, who has now immortalized Pennywise, has been sent for consideration in all of the total Oscar categories.


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