Pokemon Go has a special event this year. The Valentine’s Special event started on 8th of Feb. Players can catch Pink Pokemon’s in the game. Also, for every Pokemon caught the players will get twice the amount of candy than usual.

The event is another attempt by Niantic Labs to regenerate the interest in the game and increase the dwindling number of players.

The Valentine Pink Pokemon’s will spawn more frequently. These include:

Picture shows Chansey, One of the rare Pokemon's. It will be easier to find this week.
One of the rare Pokemon’s. It will be easier to find this week.
  1. Chansey
  2. Clefable
  3. Porygon
  4. Cleffa (through egg hatching only)
  5. Igglybuff (through egg hatching only)
  6. Smoochum (through egg hatching only)
  7. Clefairy
  8. Exeggecute
  9. Jigglypuff
  10. Lickitung

Lickitung, Chansey are ultra-rare Pokemon’s which will super hard to find and catch.

The probable Pokemon’s which are yet to be confirmed include:

  1. Wigglytuff
  2. Slowpoke
  3. Slowbro

Mr. Mime is very much unlikely due to region lock which is not likely to be lifted. So, only European trainers will be able to catch it if Mr. Mime spawns.

Niantic announced the event last minute without a warning. Niantic usually give a heads up but this event has been total surprise.

The Pokemon’s will spawn more frequently throughout the Valentine’s week. Since the Pokemon’s will get the trainers extra candy, the caught Pokemon’s can be further evolved or upgraded to higher CP. Also, lures will work for extended time. Lures can be attached to Pokestops. These devices attract near Pokemon’s to the Pokestops which makes catching the easy.

This event is a good time to get good amount of XP by catching Pokemon’s. The more amount of XP you get the faster players can level up. It is also a good chance to catch the rare pokemons which are hard to track down and find normally. But with the event these Pokemon will be easier to find and catch.

Now all the single people who love Pokemon have something to do this week!

Happy Hunting!



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