Nintendo will soon be giving away another free Pokemon for Sun and Moon. As reported by a survey.

This particular Pokemon is level 50 and comes equipped with a Focus Sash, a one-use item that allows it to endure any attack that would normally result in a one-hit knockout. It also knows the following moves:

  • Fake Out
  • Toxic
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Flamethrower

Source: Google

Once the distribution begins, you’ll be able to download your Salazzle via the Mystery Gift option. After selecting it from the game’s menu screen. You’ll then be able to pick the Pokemon up from the deliveryman waiting inside any of the game’s Pokemon Centers. The distribution runs until September 4.

Salazzle isn’t the only free Pokemon Sun and Moon players have a chance to pick up this month. Nintendo is still distributing a rare shiny Tapu Koko, which can be downloaded via Mystery Gift for free until August 14. Players can also receive four free Mega Stones for Tyranitar, Abomasnow, Manectric, and Aggron.

The next pair of Pokemon titles, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, are slated to arrive for 3DS on November 17. Before that, 3DS players will have a chance to revisit the series’ second generation installments, Gold and Silver, which are launching in the 3DS Eshop on September 22. Pokemon caught in the classic games can be transferred to Sun and Moon using the Pokemon Bank service.


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