The craze for Photography and Photoshoot has been increasing very rapidly thanks to social media sites that instigate people to socialize and presenting themselves in quite good statues. Nobody wants to stay behind in showing off their asset. But a Russian company has an offer for those who don’t have assets like rich people but they want to flaunt it.

As Russians have their own take on how to present yourself on social media, so the company in Moscow has a cheap offer to take pictures chilling in your private jet plane.

For $244, you can get a luxurious photoshoot and this facility is provided by ‘Private Jet Studio’. The studio offers two-hour photoshoots for $191 and this amount is when their cameraman doesn’t shoot you. Private Jet Studio also helps the people who appetency to do extra. They can hire a team of hair and makeup professionals for a suited look. The hair and makeup personnel try to give such a look that matches their photoshoot theme.

With this photoshoot, you can have the illusion and experience of being a celebrity and a rich kid. So, why to wait, go and get the chance asap.

So, Have A Glimpse At The Pictures Of Russian Company Renting Out Private Jets For Photoshoots:








I Know You Are Already Wanting To Pack Your Bags And COntact To Russian Company For Renting Out Its Jet


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